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Swedish Massage



A light to moderate pressure massage using long flowing strokes, Swedish massage is recommended to new clients and those seeking a relaxing massage. For general stress relief, Swedish massage can be just what you need to unwind and simply relax.


Deep Tissue Massage



Deep Tissue Massage - A massage that utilizes slow precise strokes focused on areas of chronic muscular tension. By focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, this type of massage can bring relief to short and long term pain. Deep tissue bodywork can incorporate a variety of techniques, with both light and deep pressure to help relax tight or tense muscles. Also for those clients desiring a heavier pressure massage.





Acupressure is light to deep finger pressure applied to well known points on the body with the goal of relieving muscular tension. Can be received with clothes on or incorporated into a massage session. Acupressure is highly focused, area specific bodywork with the intention of deep muscular release.


Sports Massage and Stretching



Sports Massage and Stretching - Bodywork for the athlete, weekend warrior, or any sports enthusiast. Sports massage incorporates the relaxing effects of Swedish with the energizing effects of compression and stretching. Add sports massage into your training regimen and enjoy the benefits of increased range of motion with greater flexibility.


Hot Stone Massage



Hot Stone Massage - Feel the added warmth and comfort with heated basalt stones. Hot stones are incorporated into Swedish or deep tissue massage for their added warmth and to encourage muscles to relax. Some hot stones may be placed over sore or tense muscles, while others are sculpted over the body to help soothe overworked or tight muscular tissue. A great introduction to massage therapy.


Thai Yoga Massage: Often referred to as assisted yoga, Thai Yoga Massage incorporates passive stretching and gentle compression applied by the practitioners hands and feet. Traditionally performed on a floor mat, Thai Yoga Massage is also offered on a massage table. Clients are encouraged to wear loose comfortable clothing as this modality is performed fully clothed.

Centrally located in Berry Hill. Convenient to Green Hills, West End, downtown Nashville, Brentwood, Antioch, Cool Springs, Franklin, Nolensville, Hendersonville, and Hermitage.

All massage and bodywork is for therapeutic purposes only.

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